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01 March 2010

·The purpose of the scheme will be to encourage positive reporting of incidents; provide the emergency services with accurate detailed information on an incident and its location and keep a visual watch on incidents until resolved. Several of the scheme volunteers have boats on the loch and, depending on the circumstances at the time, may be able to assist pending the arrival of the emergency services.
·A website has been set up for the LochWatch scheme and it includes safety messages, advice, links to fishing and boating sites and will have a private forum access to which will be restricted to LochWatch volunteers. The web address is


"LochWatch Goes Operational"
Picture courtesy of "The Oban Times"
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LochWatch Funds Boost
In March 2009 four men died on Loch Awe while crossing the loch to their campsite. In March 2010 LochWatch was
launched and since then has gone from strength to strength. Since that fateful night in March 2009 the families of the
four men have supported LochWatch both in terms of practical help but also financially.
Mr and Mrs Currie, whose son Craig died with his three mates in the loch presented a cheque to LochWatch last Friday
(28th March). Raising money with the help of families and friends in Glasgow by organising all sorts of events Mr and
Mrs Currie were able to donate £4068.00 to LochWatch funds.
Co-founder of LochWatch Murray Humphries said “I am totally bowled over by such a huge amount and I am humbled
that the families think so much of LochWatch that they wish to keep raising funds. It reaffirms our mission to make the
loch as safe as possible and remind people of the dangers”
This brings the total donations from the families to over £15,000.00