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While providing a response in the event of an incident on Loch Awe the LochWatch scheme is also spending a lot of time and energy on providing safety education to loch users and the general public. By highlighting the dangers it is hoped that individuals will make their own decisions that will preserve life. At the forefront of the safety campaign is the message that wearing of lifejackets whilst out on the loch and when fishing from the shoreline where the loch steeply shelves away will substantially improve the chances of survival should a person fall in.

Bearing this in mind a partnership with a lifejacket supplier has been formed and those who use the loch; use the rivers that feed and drain the loch and use the shoreline of the loch now have the opportunity to purchase a lifejacket at cost price.

Available at Loch Awe Boat Hire, Ardbrecknish the lifejackets are manual gas inflation; come in green or red colour; have a crotch strap fitted and are provided with a ventilated storage bag. The lifejackets are slim fit and will not interfere with fishing or any other activity.

The partnership is with Gael Force Marine of Inverness, a major supplier of marine products.

Lifejackets are available for 38 which is well below the normal retail price and purchasers will be encouraged to make a small donation to the LochWatch fund.